Welcome to the Hedley Improvement District!

The Hedley Improvement District (HID) is an autonomous local government responsible for providing water distribution, fire protection, first response, and street lighting for the benefit of the residents of the town of Hedley.

The website is here to help you find the information you need about the Hedley Improvement District and other service providers in our area.   We are adding more to the site all the time.  We hope you like it.



The Hedley Improvement District sets up committees from
time to time to make recommendations on a variety of
topics. Currently the HID has a Finance Committee, headed
by John Todd, CPA, CA, with Ken Hoyle, Ruth Woodin and
Lynn Wells as members. In addition, the HID is establishing a
Bylaws and Policies Committee to review current bylaws for
water tolls and fire protection and to create new policies for
conducting HID business. Both of these committees meet
once or twice a month, or as needed, until no longer needed.
The Hedley Improvement District trustees invite any Hedley
residents, business owners, or property owners to
participate in the Bylaws and Policies committee. If you have
experience or an interest in bylaws and policies, please
apply to Diane Wood at the HID office (250) 292-8637.