EOC Update: flood preparedness

The Evacuation Alert issued by the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen Emergency Operations Centre (RDOS EOC) on Wednesday, May 5, 2023, remains in effect for 75 properties in Electoral Area ā€œDā€ due to the threat of flooding from Shuttleworth Creek in Okanagan Falls.

Warm weather is forecast over the next several days, and increased inflows are anticipated into Shuttleworth Creek and tributaries and rivers across the Regional District. The RDOS is reminding residents and property owners to take steps now to prepare for flooding. This includes moving items in and around your home to higher ground and preparing your family and pets in case an Evacuation Order is issued on short notice.

The RDOS will continue monitoring Shuttleworth Creek and will rescind the Evacuation Alert when conditions change.

Read the full release here.

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