Take steps now to prepare for emergencies

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) is asking residents and property owners to take steps to prepare for freshet and wildfire season. While the snowpack is below seasonal average, flood hazard associated with extreme rainfall and rain-on-snow during freshet period remains a potential risk. There are also early concerns about drought extending into the spring and summer, potentially leading to an early wildfire season.


Residents are reminded they are responsible for their own personal and household preparedness ahead of freshet and wildfire season. In areas prone to flooding and wildfire, residents should be looking to take the following steps:


Review your insurance policy

Insurance cannot be purchased or altered once a hazard is threatening your region. As part of your preparedness, call your insurance representative to discuss your coverage or contact the Insurance Bureau of Canada at 1-844-227-5422 or visit www.ibc.ca/bc.


Prepare an emergency plan & pre-register with Emergency Support Services (ESS)

Everyone needs an emergency plan. Being prepared can help you act quickly and calmly and bounce back faster following an emergency. Start the conversation with the people you live with by downloading a fillable plan from PreparedBC www.preparedbc.ca/emergencyplan.


Pre-register with ESS by visiting www.ess.gov.bc.ca and click “self-register-now”. As part of your emergency plan, ensure to identify friends and family you can stay with if evacuated due to a flood or wildfire


Get FireSmart

Making your home and property FireSmart can help decrease the intensity and slow the spread of a wildfire. Get started with a free Firesmart home assessment or follow these quick FireSmart tips:

  • Move piles of firewood, raked leaves, and dead material away from buildings
  • Clean roof & gutters of pine needles and other debris
  • Prune tree branches up to two metres (six feet) from the ground
  • Choose fire-resistance plants within 10 metres of your home
  • Mow the lawn and keep grasses trimmed

For more information about FireSmart, please visit firesmart.rdos.bc.ca.


Sign up for emergency notifications

During critical events or emergencies, such as floods and wildfires, the RDOS Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) will activate to support operations and distribute information. The RDOS has partnered with Voyent Alert! to provide emergency alerts and routine notifications throughout the region.


Sign up to receive email, text, or phone notifications, or download the Voyent Alert! app through the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve registered, you are automatically signed up for emergency notifications. 



Freshet and wildfire resources



For further information, please visit the RDOS EOC website at emergency.rdos.bc.ca.


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