Water System

First, the Hedley water system was constructed in the early 1900s and was maintained by Hedley Mascot Gold Mines Ltd… The original system took water from the Hedley Creek and used it for milling operations, as well as for residential and commercial occupants of the townsite. In 1952, the mine shut down and it turned the water works over to the Hedley Improvement District, which was established under letters patent from the provincial government.

Then in 1970, a flood wiped out the dam and the wood stave water lines from the creek. As a result, the HID decided to bore wells, rather than trying to repair the damaged lines. Thus, a test well was dug at the
site of the present pump house and the findings showed enough sustainable water, to justify drilling a larger well. In 2000, the HID built a new 100,000-gallon concrete reservoir on Hospital Hill to replace the aging wood stave tank that had served as a reservoir. Later, in 2002, a new well was built adjacent to the pump house to have even more water capacity.

Therefore, our distribution system is comprised of older steel lines and newer PVC lines, so the Hedley Improvement District Officers have a long-range plan to replace all the older lines, when funds become available.

Water Quality

Hedley is fortunate to have extremely pure water from our deep wells and has not had to disinfect or chlorinate it. The water is sampled weekly and sent to a certified laboratory for testing. Interior Health puts water analysis reports online. To view water sample analysis reports click here. You just need to type in Hedley where it asks for your city and then press the Enter key.

Water Conservation

To conserve water and to reduce pumping costs, the HID has imposed sprinkling restrictions for the period May through September. Residents may operate sprinklers before 10 AM and after 6 PM. Sprinklers must not be left running all night. Sprinkling restrictions do not affect vegetable and flower garden watering. You may water your garden as often as needed. However this must be done using a watering can or a hose with a spring-loaded, shut-off nozzle to reduce water waste. These restrictions have reduced summer consumption from over 500,000 gallons per month to under 300,000 gallons per month.

Water System Operator

Water Technician/Operator position has now been filled as of October 16, 2023 by resident Kathleen Conabree. She can be reached by email at hedleywatersystem@gmail.com or by phone  (250) 328 9368 in the case of a water emergency.

Update May 5, 2023

Hedley now has two official EOCP certified Operators: Wes Mufford and Stephen Alderson.

Notice to Hedley residents re: water work job postings

We, the Trustees, will now consider combining all 3 positions into 1. Therefore, anyone interested in the job please forward your re’sum’e to the office at hid825@telus.net for consideration. The deadline for applications will be May 5, 2023.

Thank you,
HID Trustees